Short List 2019

Congratulations to all CBCA Shortlisted Authors, Illustrators and Publishers for 2019

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Book of the Year: Older Readers

Entries in this category may be fiction, drama or poetry and should be appropriate in style and content for readers in their secondary years of schooling. Ages 13-18 years (NB: These books are for mature readers).

Between Us
Atkins, Clare
Black Inc. Books
ISBN: 9781760640217
Small Spaces
Epstein, Sarah
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781921977381
Lenny's Book of Everything
Foxlee, Karen
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760529444
Changing Gear
Gardner, Scot
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760631468
The Bogan Mondrian
Herrick, Steven
University of Queensland Press
ISBN: 9780702259982
The Art of Taxidermy
Kernot, Sharon
Text Publishing
ISBN: 9781925603743
Book of the Year: Younger Readers

Entries in this category may be fiction, drama or poetry and should be appropriate in style and content for readers from the middle to upper primary years. Ages 7-12 years.

Dubosarsky, Ursula
Illus. Joyner, Andrew
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760112042
Leave Taking
Marwood, Lorraine
University of Queensland Press
ISBN: 9780702260117
Black Cockatoo
Merrison, Carl & Hustler, Hakea
Magabala Books
ISBN: 9781925360707
The Slightly Alarming Tale of the Whispering Wars
Moriarty, Jaclyn
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760297183
The Peacock Detectives
Nugent, Carly
Text Publishing
ISBN: 9781925603705
His Name Was Walter
Rodda, Emily
HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN: 9781460756188
Book of the Year: Early Childhood

Entries in this category may be fiction, drama or poetry and should be appropriate in style and content for children who are at pre-reading or early stages of reading. Ages 0-6 years.

Heads and Tails: Insects
Canty, John
Berbay Publishing
The Dress-Up Box
Guest, Patrick
Illus. Eckstrom, Nathaniel
Hardie Grant Egmont
Rainbow Bear
King, Stephen Michael
Scholastic Australia
Noni the Pony Rescues a Joey
Lester, Alison
Allen & Unwin
Tricky's Bad Day
Lester, Alison
Affirm Press
Here Comes Stinkbug!
Riddle, Tohby
Allen & Unwin
Picture Book of the Year

Entries in this category should be outstanding books of the Picture Book genre in which the author and illustrator achieve artistic and literary unity or, in wordless picture books, where the story, theme or concept is unified through illustrations. Ages 0-18 years (NB. Some of these books may be for mature readers).

Note: Picture Books are listed by the illustrator, followed by the author

The Feather
Blackwood, Freya
text. Wild, Margaret
Hardie Grant Egmont
ISBN: 9781760124212
The Mediterranean
Greder, Armin
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760630959
Girl on Wire
Hurst, Elise
text. Estela, Lucy
Penguin Random House Australia
ISBN: 9780143787167
Chalk Boy
Ord, Mandy
text. Wild, Margaret
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760630683
The All New Must Have Orange 430
Speechley, Michael
Penguin Random House Australia
ISBN: 9780143788973
Tan, Shaun
Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9780734418630
Eve Pownall Award

Entries in this category should be books which have the prime intention of documenting factual material with consideration given to imaginative presentation, interpretation and variation of style. Ages 0-18 years.

Bouncing Back: An Eastern Barred Bandicoot Story
Cleave, Rohan
Illus. Tulloch, Coral
CSIRO Publishing
ISBN: 9781486308279
The Happiness Box: A Wartime Book of Hope
Greenwood, Mark
Illus. McLean, Andrew
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781925081381
Rawlins, Donna
Illus. Jackson, Mark
Potter, Heather
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781925381641
Make Believe: M. C. Escher for Kids
Ryan, Kate
Illus. Bennett, Cally
National Gallery of Victoria
ISBN: 9781925432558
Our Birds: Ŋilimurruŋgu Wäyin Malanynha
Stubbs, Siena
Magabala Books
ISBN: 9781925360981
Sorry Day
Vass, Coral
Illus. Leffler, Dub
National Library of Australia
ISBN: 9780642279033
CBCA Award for New Illustrator

This Award aims to recognise and encourage new talent in the field of Australian children's book illustration. Ages 0-18 years.

Australian Birds
Chun, Matt
Hardie Grant Egmont
ISBN: 9781760502003
Grandma Z
Gray-Barnett, Daniel
Scribble Kids' Books
ISBN: 9781925322156
Harricks, Tannya
Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781925381283
The Singing Seal
Langton, Allison
Affirm Press
ISBN: 9781925584868
Carmichael's Journey
Metcalfe, Samantha
Little Steps Publishing
ISBN: 9781925545692
Red House, Blue House, Green House, Tree House!
Reiseger, Jane
Affirm Press
ISBN: 9781925584691