Cooee Mittigar: A Story on Darug Songlines

Magabala Books
ISBN: 9781925936865
The Crichton Award 2020 entrant
Songlines of Darug Country are explored through beautiful prose and stunning artwork. This unique picture book takes readers through the seasonal calendar, incorporating the animals and weather that appear at different times of the year. The reader’s experience begins with the sophisticated drawings on a textured cover. The edge-to-edge illustrations throughout the book draw readers into a whole experience, enhanced by warm, earthy tones presented in overlays of artwork that creates a strong sense of place and the wonders of nature. The effect of the artwork is intriguing and engaging. The illustrator used acrylic paint and digitally composed mixed media to create this effect. The encapsulating tone of this book elicits an enriching experience, best pondered slowly, as readers take in the artwork, the languages and the ambience that is created. The combination of all these aspects and the exquisite colour palettes will have all readers entranced.