Tamarra: A Story of Termites on Gurindji Country


Tamarra: A Story of Termites on Gurindji Country is a fascinating, illustrated science book that takes kids inside the life of termites through storytelling from the Gurindji People.

Did you know there are four types of termite poo? Or that a warm paste made from termite mound is used to strengthen a Gurindji baby’s body and spirit? Or that spinifex (which termites eat) is one of the strongest plants in the world?

Created as a collaboration between over 30 First Nations and non-Indigenous contributors, the story and artworks explore how termites and their mounds connect different parts of Country, from tiny Gurindji babies and their loving grandmothers, to spiky spinifex plants growing in the hot sun.

Written in traditional Gurindji, Gurindji Kriol and English (with a QR code to an audio version spoken in language), Tamarra is a truly original story with beautiful artwork that takes readers on an educational and cultural journey through Gurindji Country.

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The CBCA judges say…

A collaboration between Ngumpin (First Nations) and Kartiya (non-Indigenous) cultures resulted in the creation of this glorious book. The Tamarra Project involved over 30 Gurindji Elders, artists, storytellers, scientists and linguists. From the visually stunning front cover to each glorious page after page of magnificent culturally significant paintings, the reader is drawn into the text. The visual organisation of the text, with the three languages featured colour coded, makes the information easily digestible. The glossary provides a guide to pronunciation, with each word featured in colour in the story also listed in the Glossary. A QR code allows the reader to hear the story read in language. The interweaving of culture and detailed information of termites is cleverly done and ‘Did You Know?’ sections throughout encourage engagement. Truly a labour of love.

Teaching Notes for this book…

Hardie Grant Publishing has generously made teaching notes available for this book on their website.


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