The Cbca Awards Foundation

The Awards Foundation was established to raise money to fund prizes for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards, in perpetuity. 

The CBCA Awards Foundation permanently acknowledges Benefactors ($20,000 & over) & Major Donors ($5000 & over).

Donations to the CBCA Awards Foundation are tax deductible and can be made via the CBCA EStore, direct deposit (download the donation form), or cheque mailed to:

CBCA Awards Foundation
PO Box 1163

Special Campaign: Remembering Christobel Mattingley Am

In recognition of Christobel Mattingley’s contribution to children’s literature, the CBCA aims to raise $5000 so that her name can be listed as a Major Donor, in memoriam, to the CBCA Awards Foundation. This Foundation contributes to funding prizes for the annual CBCA Book of the Year Awards.
For more information and to support this campaign, please visit our Donation page across on our online store, or download the Donation Form.

History Of The Cbca Awards Foundation

The original prize for the Children’s Book of the Year Awards was a camellia if the winner was female or a handshake if male. Government funding supported the Awards for some time (1966-1988). This was followed by commercial sponsorship (Angus & Robertson, Penguin Books Australia, Collins Dove and Franklin Watts in 1988; Myer-Grace Bros. 1989-1993; Angus & Robertson 1994; Reed Books Australia, Australia Post and Social Book Clubs 1995) which made it possible to offer substantial monetary prizes of up to $10,000 per category to the authors and illustrators of winning and honour books. The challenge to secure commercial sponsorship for the Awards prize money led to a decision, at the end of 1995, to set up the Awards Foundation with the aim of raising $1,000,000 to enable the CBCA to support the Awards prizes in perpetuity.

Benefactors - Cbca Awards Foundation

• Allen & Unwin

• CBCA NSW Branch Inc

• Laurie Copping OAM

• Margaret Hamilton AM

• Myra Doris Lee

• Maurice Saxby AM

• Scholastic Australia

• Thyne Reid Trust No.1

Major Donors - Cbca Awards Foundation

(Donations of $5,000+)

• Australia Post

• Jill B Bruce

• Sandy Campbell

• CBCA ACT Branch

• CBCA SA Branch

• CBCA VIC Branch

• CBCA WA Branch

• Era Publications

• The Library Board of Queensland

• Robin Moncrieff Morrow AM

• Angela Namoi

• Northern Territory Government

• Parents & Boys of Sydney Grammar Edgecliff Prep School

• Emily Rodda (Jennifer Rowe AC)

• University of Queensland Press (UQP)

• Julie Vivas

• Walker Books Australia

• Margaret Wild

• Sue Williams

• Five Mile Press

• CBCA NSW Branch Inc

• Libby Gleeson AM

• Bob Graham

• Hardie Grant Egmont

• Penguin Books Australia

• Random House Australia

• Five Mile Press

• CBCA NSW Branch Inc

• Libby Gleeson AM

• Hachette Children’s Books Australia

• Hachette Children’s Books Australia

• HarperCollins Publishers Australia

• Ipswich District Teacher-Librarians' Network

• The James N Kirby Foundation

• Kinross-Wolaroi School, Orange

• Koala Books

• Gillian Rubinstein

• SA Department of the Arts and Cultural Development

• Gail Spiers

• Myrtle Spiers

• Cathie Tasker

• Five Mile Press

• CBCA NSW Branch Inc

• Libby Gleeson AM

• Hachette Children’s Books Australia

• Hachette Children’s Books Australia

Major Donors In Memoriam

• Jean Chapman

• Max Fatchen

• Beryl Moncrieff Matthews

• Christobel Mattingley

• Jill Midolo

• Narelle Oliver

• Jan Ormerod

• Eve Pownall

• Marion E Robertson

• Gregory Rogers

• Sebastian Walker

• Cassandra Weddell

• Maisie Williams, Garah, NSW

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