A heartfelt thank you to June Smith AM

The CBCA National Board would like to acknowledge and thank long-standing member June Smith AM for her immense contribution to the CBCA in a number of roles including the Awards Foundation, the Committee of Responsible Persons (CoRP) and National Vice President (1991-1992).

June was the first to suggest that the CBCA set up a foundation to raise funds for the Awards. She joined forces with Margaret Hamilton AM and they together raised the idea at the National AGM in Brisbane in 1995. Their nomination was accepted, the Awards Foundation established and June and Margaret appointed foundation managers. In time they realised their goal of raising $1 million to fund prizes for the annual CBCA Book of the Year Awards in perpetuity.

Prior to that, June had worked for the CBCA since the 1970s. She was on the NSW committee and served as president for some years. June was National Vice President from 1991 to 1992 and was also on the committee of the first national conference in 1992 and on the China committee to raise funds to bring a Chinese delegation to Australia. 

As a volunteer-run organisation, the CBCA would not exist without the dedication and passion of people like June, who retired from the Awards Foundation in 2020.

Thank you June.

* * * * *

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