Who's Your Real Mum?
Bernadette Green (Illust: Anna Zobel)
Publisher: Scribble Kids' Books
ISBN: 9781925849493
Awards Year: 2021
Category: Book of the Year: Early Childhood
The publisher says...

‘Elvi, which one is your mum?’ 
‘They’re both my mums.’ 
‘But which one’s your real mum?’ 

When Nicholas wants to know which of Elvi’s two mums is her real mum, she gives him lots of clues. Her real mum is a circus performer, and a pirate, and she even teaches spiders the art of the web. But Nicholas still can’t work it out! Luckily, Elvi knows just how to help Nicholas understand. 

An empowering story about a non-traditional family that celebrates exactly what defines it — love.

The author says...

The inspiration came from my children and their experience of having two mums. When they were in primary school, they were asked which of their mums was their real mum. I wanted to answer that question in a way that took some of the pressure off kids from same-sex parented while respecting the natural curiosity in children wanting to understand a family different to their own.

The illustrator says...

This is my favourite image from Who's Your Real Mum? It took me ages to figure out the perspective. I had to take photos of my own apartment and stretch it around in Photoshop - that's my kitchen you can see through the doorway. That's also my cat, with her funny grey-yellow colouring. If you look closely you can see that Nicholas's dad is a nurse. I like how Elvi's mums are wearing warm socks and ugg boots.
The CBCA judges say...

A wonderful book which celebrates motherhood, diversity and families. Skilfully designed, the front cover invites the reader to explore this story, with the title that boldly asks the question, ‘Who's Your Real Mum?’ Prompted by a child innocently and curiously asking this question of another child who has same sex parents, Green and Zobel sensitively and gently explore a mother/child relationship. Imaginative and whimsical elements appear throughout, especially in the outstanding illustrations. The beauty of this book is that it is imaginative and age appropriate. Elvi keeps her friend guessing with humour as the story gently unfolds showing what counts above all else is the love and caring nature of the mother/child relationship.

The Reading Time reviewers say...
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