Scholastic Australia
ISBN: 9781760664053
The Picture Book of the Year 2020 Notable
This is a delight of a book that celebrates difference by accepting it as a fact of life. A three-legged dog sets out on his journey to discover what might lie ahead. Whether it is love or a home is incidental to the gratitude experienced and explored by the small traveller. His trip, from the city to the country is shown through many viewpoints, wonderful red dots showing the way he has come and the direction in which he is going revealed as the page is turned. On the way many animals are encountered and many legs are checked as positive or negative additions. The text is economical and precise with the illustrative work either reflecting the words or explaining them. The watercolour, pencil and ink artwork remain clear and bright with the ending almost exploding off the page in a riot of shapes and colours and deliciously exhilarating moments. Each page is full of details to explore with backgrounds full of explanation about the site of the journey and the tone of the place — busy borders for the city and wide, open colour planes for the country.