The Secrets of Magnolia Moon

Walker Books Australia
ISBN: 9781760651541
The Book of the Year: Younger Readers 2020 Notable
A whimsically delightful story about a nine-year-old girl. Magnolia, who loves Greek mythology and keeping other people’s secrets, is navigating changes in her life, such as her best friend moving away and the impending arrival of a baby brother. Magnolia is depicted as a little girl with hopes, fears and worries, but she is also full of love and trust in her adults. The minor characters are plausible and full of kindness and empathy for Magnolia and her best friend, Imogen May, who enjoy hanging upside-down on the clothesline. The themes of family, friendship, innocence and change are explored subtly Repeated gentle humour involving periods of time and the personification of the staircase in her family home, serves to maintain the joyful mood. Metaphor and imagery are used throughout the lyrical writing and the illustrations complement the text. The cover design and production are of high quality and are immediately eye-catching.