Ribbit Rabbit Robot
Sofya Karmazina
Publisher: Scholastic Australia
ISBN: 9781743834060
Awards Year: 2021
Category: The Crichton Award
Judge's Critique
The illustrator of this unusual and refreshing book creates a fun mood through the use of bright, layered colours and great expression that enhance the narrative tension maintained throughout this story about a frog, a rabbit and a robot. Karmazina has been able to elevate these mad, crazy characters to a whole new level. She demonstrates the ability to tell the story through all elements of the book including, the cover and the endpapers. Her characterisation is strong and she has used acrylic paint to great expressive effect. The economy of the text has been successfully taken up by the illustrator making this a hugely enjoyable book. Karmazina’s witty and clever illustrations make this a book that rewards on each subsequent reading.