No! Never!
Libby Hathorn & Lisa Hathorn-Jarman (Illust: Mel Pearce)
Publisher: Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9780734418906
Awards Year: 2021
Category: Book of the Year: Early Childhood
The publisher says...

A cautionary tale about a little girl who drives her parents up the wall when she starts answering 'No! Never!' to all their requests - and what happens when the tables are turned on her. 

There was a child, 
The sweetest ever, 
Until she learned these words: 

Georgie is a sweet little girl who always makes her parents happy... until she discovers one powerful phrase: No! Never! 

It suddenly becomes her answer to every request, from tidying up her toys to going to bed. Her parents are at their wits end, but what happens when they decide to try saying No! Never! themselves? 

A lovely, lively look at the Terrible Twos (or Threes, or Fours, or Fives...) from mother-daughter team Libby Hathorn and Lisa Hathorn-Jarman, with debut illustrator Mel Pearce. Perfect for any parent dealing with tantrums, defiant behaviour or communication issues. 

The CBCA judges say...

A great title that positions readers right in the story before the book is even open. The addition of 'A Cautionary Tale' establishes the mood which is carried strongly in the tightly rhythmed metre of the written text. The illustrations, executed in a child-like scribbly style, lend real vigour to the character’s attitude and actions. They work with the written text to provide insight and extra information. The emotions of the protagonist are 'loud and clear,' as are the expressions of her parents and other characters. Young children being read to will delight in joining in the repetitive phrase, “No! Never!” The solution to the problem is neatly handled and although the resolution arrives quite clearly before the end of the book, readers will relate to Georgie’s change of heart and new-found sense of cooperation. The underlying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour will delight both adult and child readers.

The Reading Time reviewers say...
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