Jetty Jumping
Andrea Rowe (Illust: Hannah Sommerville)
Publisher: Hardie Grant Children’s Publishing
ISBN: 9781760500658
Awards Year: 2022
Category: Book of the Year: Early Childhood


While Milla’s friends take big, brave jumps off the jetty, Milla stays on the blistering wood, scared of what lurks below. But when Milla accidentally falls off the edge, she discovers the beauty of the deep, dark sea – and her summer changes forever.

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The author says...

Jetty Jumping was written on the edge of a jetty on a warm summer’s day. As I watched a wild and whooping of kids leap and twist at the edge of the jetty, I knew this was a book I had to write. I recalled my own childhood fear of what lurked beneath the water, and the worries I had about wanting to enjoy the watery freedoms of my friends. The first line and character came to me in a fast minute, and the only thing I had on hand to start writing was a recently used fish and chip wrapper and a Sharpie in my beach bag.

Being shortlisted for Picture Book of Year - Early Reads is an absolute high. It’s also an honour as I’ve moved through my reading book life collecting and adoring the CBCA stickered books from Australian greats. To have written a book that readers connect with is such an eye opener as well for how people can take your book into their hearts. I’ve had an inbox filled with messages and bookstores and teachers tell me how Jetty Jumping has been received. I could never have imagined Jetty Jumping would be so loved, and I am so very humbled, and a little bit squealy too! This might’ve been the first shortlisted CBCA novel to start it’s life out on fish and chip paper!

Enjoy a video generously provided by author Andrea Rowe as she talks "Jetty Jumping", the place and the character.

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The CBCA judges say...

A beautifully written and highly relatable book about overcoming fears. Time and place have been carefully created to depict an Australian beach town in summer. The language is rich and descriptive, using apt vocabulary and alliteration. The eye-catching, swirling text depicts movement to mirror themes of water and the action it describes. Mood is gently constructed. The joy of the jumping girls contrasts with Milla’s trepidation as she sits apart, afraid to participate in their fun yet wanting to join them. A lovely twist of plot adds momentum and motivation to the main character's actions, who overcomes her fears to finally enter the water.

Teaching Notes for this book...

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