Hello Lighthouse

Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9781408357392
The Picture Book of the Year 2020 Notable
The long rectangular design of this book encapsulates a tall lighthouse. The circular narrative in many ways, shows the progressive history of the lighthouse, run by a lighthouse keeper and his family. The circular references embody 'the circle of life' astonishingly well, including the round rooms on the inside of the lighthouse and the changing seasons outside. The illustrations in Chinese ink and watercolour are brilliantly done with layers of meaning, often shown in circularly framed pictures. The balance of space and text represents high level design, including an impressive fold-out illustration at the end of the book. Readers are drawn into the pages and the wholeness of what can be found with beautifully written prose that almost floats upon the page. ‘A note from the Author’ at the back of the book gives readers a greater insight into her passion, including information about lighthouses. An outstanding book.