Four Dead Queens

Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760524418
The Book of the Year: Older Readers 2020 Notable
This debut novel cleverly combines fantasy, sci-fi and mystery genres, with a hint of historical fiction. The author expertly builds an inspired and original world, seemingly made up of past, present and futuristic societies, that is completely immersive. The novel utilises clever inventions to guide the narrative, including a chip that stores stolen memories which reveal the plot to assassinate the queens. An array of complex character relationships includes a pickpocket, an upstanding citizen, the leader of a notorious gang and four dead queens. Embroiled in corruption, murder and love, central character Kera must embark on an adventure to stop the assassin before it’s too late. Scholte’s exploration of a truly matriarchal society is an original concept that includes a diverse range of representations and questions notions of duty, love, jealousy, ambition and commitment. The use of a non-linear narrative is a skilful literary device which keeps the reader engaged and compelled to move through a multitude of twists and turns that hurtles towards a suspenseful and revealing ending. A book which brings a fresh perspective to the multiple genres it embraces.