Bat vs Poss

Hachette Australia
ISBN: 9780734418388
The Book of the Year: Early Childhood 2020 Notable
Readers will be drawn in by the visually appealing cover showcasing the two main characters. The scene is set for confrontation as Bat moves in and tries to force the creatures who are happily sharing the tree to move out of their home. The engaging text maintains a rhythm with use of onomatopoeia. making this an ideal book to read aloud. Captivating illustrations (pencil, watercolour, ink and digital) add characterisation, complementing the text to create a delightful tale exploring familiar themes of friendship, teamwork, bullying, confrontation and sharing. Facial expressions show feelings, emotions and warmth, bringing the characters to life. The use of purple to depict the night leaves a magical/mystical feel creating bright scenes in the night-time setting. Endpapers showing a silhouette of the night-time skyline set the mood and tie in with the story’s beginning and ending. Friendships formed as a result of standing up to a bully but also giving a second chance provide a satisfying resolution. Variations in page layout and font colour add interest and quirkiness to the overall story with illustrations and text blending to create an appealing, age appropriate story.